"... Washington audiences witnessed an unforgettable performances of Sattriya and Bharata Natyam by mother-daughter duo Indira P.P. Bora and Menaka P.P. Bora..." (The Washington Times, Washington)

"... Indira P.P. Bora's Sattriya dance performances held in different places have underlined the fact that this Sattriya dance form is beginning to be accepted as a classical dance form of India. Indeed Indira P.P.Bora and her gurus are as enterprising as Kelucharan Mohapatra and Sanjukta Panigrahi were in regard to Odissi, and they might bring the kind of eminence to Sattriya which is now being enjoyed by Odissi..." (Dr. Sunil Kothari in "Sruti" magazine, Chennai)

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